One thing that seems to keep my practice fresh and my soul feeling fed is to give back to my community, friends, and family.  We yogis can do this through Karma Yoga, or selfless service to another.  This is a wonderful opportunity to practice!!

Yin Yang Yoga Nidra Workshop

Led by Gisela Crider and Stacy Winslow

Saturday, December 4th from 2 -4 pm

Love Offering suggested of $10-20 per person

This amazing class will be dedicated to Angela Benton, a fellow yogi battling cancer.  We will send out love and healing energy to her as well as all those struggling with cancer.  The love offering collected will go to Angie B. and her mounting hospital bills.

The workshop will begin with a slow yin practice followed by a dynamic flow (yang) and end with yoga nidra, or yogic sleep.  Pranayama, guided meditation and chanting will be included in this workshop.

Please come with me to support an amazing cause!