As the year comes to a close, everyone begins to reflect on the past year and make plans for the New Year to come.  I know that I have set aside the chocolate treats and peppermint bark, and hopped back on my mat and my treadmill.  I would like to lose the baby weight gained with my beautiful baby boy.  There are things I would like to change about my habits and lifestyle that are different then the year I spent pregnant.  There are goals that I would like to reach before the next year comes to a close.  Some would call these resolutions.  Do resolutions work?  Well, have they worked for you in the past?

If you say no, this is probably because your resolutions are just statements.  The definition of “resolution” is “a decision to do something or behave in a certain manner”.  The problem with making a statement of change is that it comes with no plan – no steps to reaching your goal.  To change a habit, you must intentionally set forth with a plan of action.  You must sit down and define what things are getting in your way of making this change.  You must figure out if and why you cannot manage to keep this positive change active in your life day after day, year after year.  And, most importantly, once you decide on your obstacles and goals, you must then wake up daily with an intention to follow the plan you make for yourself.  Intentionally live your life.

The intention is what many of us miss from the resolution.  We get worn down by the demands of life and lose focus on our resolution.  It is hard to change.  By nature we seek the path of least resistance.  But, if we wake up each day with an intention to honor our resolutions, the path gets easier.  Our bodies and minds become less resistant.  Until one day, we wake up and there is not resistance at all.  We are now going with the flow and loving the life we always knew we were meant to lead.

So, as I exit 2010, I will be thinking about the obstacles standing in my path to change.  I will think positively about the steps I need to take to reach my end goal.  I will wake up each day with the intention to put down that chocolate I so adored when I was prego, and I will step on my mat to find my flow…and my previous jean size :-).

With light and love in the New Year,


P.S.  – I will be guiding a group of people through an intention setting practice on New Year’s Day in Concord, NC at Balance Wellness Center.  Join me to be part of a group effort to set forth our intentions!