Endings make great beginnings…

As many of you know (and probably many of you do not know), my husband took a new and great job in Wilmington, NC and my family will be moving in the near future. When we received the news, I immediately thought of my yoga family and what the future held for Balance Wellness Center. I am ecstatic to say that someone has stepped up as the new owner of the studio. Nye Hartwick (our own massage therapist extraordinaire) will be the new owner as we move into December. Nye is excited to continue the services and healing therapies that BWC has always offered, as well as infusing some of her own new and fresh energy.

So, this change is bitter sweet. While we are excited for possibilities and new things to come, we will miss our family, friends, and activities here in Concord. But, this is one of our many lessons in yoga – change is the only thing that is constant. Just as you master a new pose or find ease in a stretch, there comes a new edge to work. One day you flow effortless on the mat and you think “this is it! I have this yoga thing now”. But, then the next day you come into the studio and find that you are stiff, awkward, and you just don’t know where your grace went. But, that is the grace – the subtle reminder we are all human; that our emotions change; that our attitude is a state of mind; that even though we may be having a rough time right now – tomorrow is a new day and an opportunity to change.

While I will miss being the owner and a major presence at BWC, I do embrace the new opportunities ahead. I look forward to furthering my own practice; focusing more on svadhyaya (self-study); learning more about the ancient philosophies and teachings of yoga; and, developing more workshops and trainings to bring to the public. If you would like to continue to hear my “soap-box” and know about workshops, events, and trainings I will have in different areas, please go to www.shaktiyogawithjessica.wordpress.com  and follow my blog. I will also be returning to BWC for various events and look forward to seeing you then.
I thank you all for the opportunity to create this healing community. I took a leap of faith, opened something new, and you came to support us. Without you, we would not have a community. Everyone has taught me more in the past year than I ever expected. In watching you, you have taught me about strength by showing up even with the challenges of life running at you. You have taught me about compassion – on and off the mat. With your Karma Yoga, you have taught me about the power of a group and how as one we can make difference. You have changed me. You have stepped right into my heart and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you for making a dream of mine becomes a reality. I cannot wait to see you all continue to thrive in this healing community for years to come. With love, I wish you all the best…

“For it was not in my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”
-Judy Garland