We are coming up on what many call a commercial holiday of Valentine’s Day.  A holiday for card companies and chocolate dealers to ramp up sales and for us to stimulate the economy.  But, it is a holiday that was established to celebrate love and affection between companions.  And from what I can find it was established by Pope Gelasius in 500 AD, named after various Christian martyrs named Valentine. 

In any accountant, who cares??!!  What is wrong with making a day that celebrates love??!!  While we hope we let our hearts shine everyday, there is this one day of the year that we can really be mindful of our heart and reaching out to others.

The heart chakra, anahata, governs the heart, lungs, and also the thymus gland.  Anahata is associated with the air element.  The word anahata means fresh and clean or unstruck and unharmed.  As we experience heart opening, whether through a physical practice of backbending or from an emotional connection to another, we can experience a lightness and openness.  Our bodies and mind can feel spacious and free.  With new-found lightness, we can experience love in a whole new light:  Giving compassion and understanding to others and receiving love without putting up walls or barriers. 

How will I open my heart chakra on Valentine’s Day?? 

1.  I will spend time with my hubby, children, and friends – nothing opens the heart chakra more than giving and receiving unconditional, non-judgmental love.

2.  I will also buy into the commercial holiday with a trip to Hallmark and heart box of chocolates 🙂  My son loves the cards that sing, and I love to watch him laugh!

3.  I will celebrate the time of the year with a heart opening yoga practice.  Find one in your area or join me in Concord at Balance Wellness Center – led by Susan McMurry on Saturday, Feb 12th from 10am-12pm.

“Love is the force that transforms and improves the Soul of the World.”  ~Paulo Coelho