Among so many other benefits, yoga is touted for strengthening your core muscles.  In yoga, we work with breath and bandhas to lift the pelvic floor, tighten the transverse abdominal, and strengthen the muscles of the back.  Doing each of these things creates better posture, diminishes back pain, and even begins to align our pelvis, legs and shoulders.  All things that promote a better quality of life and worth doing for ourselves! 

When we come from a perspective of working from the core muscles of our bodies, we are more grounded and focused.  You might have noticed that sometimes you can do a posture, such as chaturanga, just by muscling it out; only to find later that your lower back is hurting.  This happens when we avoid building the core muscles that protect the low back and align the body before we lower into a chaturanga or use our other muscular strengths to move through asana.  If we focus on the outside goal or posture, we are only forcing it.  If we build from the core out, the grace of the postures and the healing of yoga can begin.

As always, yoga on the mat parallels that which we do in life.  I have found that as I move through life if I find a place where I keep getting blocked or feel like I am just running into a wall, I am usually focusing it – using outside stimuli to get my results.  By moving to a place where I am lifted up by what I hold inside and what is at the core of who I am, the result is life that moves gracefully, a power to create the life I want for myself, and a shining of everything that I am intended to be. 

This week my yoga practices will flow through asana that comes from the core, so we can practice how to live – shining from the inside, out! 

To hear more about this topic as well as pranayama and bandhas locks to connect to this place, come see me!! 

Tuesdays at 6 pm at Balance Wellness Center

Oh, and this week I have the honor to sub Susan McMurry’s class at Balance Wellness Center on Saturday morning March 5th at 8:30 am.