So I have been MIA for the summer.  Much of it is because of the fun I have been having with my family.  We have been enjoying each other, the beach, the park, the pool.  We have been BBQn’ and staying up way too late!  We also continue to split our lives between Concord and Wilmington.  We are making plans to move towards the coast soon, but we still are trying to sell our house and make the transition easier for our family as a whole.  While we wait, we take it day to day.  My oldest son will start transitional kindegarten next month here in Concord, and when we get the word we move then we’ll decide what to do from there.  The littlest man is just hanging out…growing and getting into everything as he is now crawling and pulling up!  Time flies. 

As for me, I continue to try and keep my toes in the yoga world.  Committment back to practice has begun.  My regular “daily home routine” is back to being daily, and I get to a studio or class at least 2 times per week.  In addition, to this I have a running schedule since I am signed up for my second half marathon in December.  I sure you will hear much about this. 

Finally, I have been working hard on Yoga Jam North!  So excited for this event that is just a few weeks away.  I cannot wait to see old friends, meet new, and bring everyone together. 

This post is my promise to more regular posts.  Let me know what you like to see…