I am still reeling from the weekend.  Yoga Jam North was a HUGE success.  I was flooded by positive energy that expanded through the room and out the doors and into lives of so many people!  Some already were effected and changed by that energy if they attended the event;  and, some do not even know they will be touched by the energy – those children that are invited to the Junior Charity League of Concord’s clothing room will be forever changed by the money you donated and the clothing you sent for them.  It is an amazing accomplishment for all of you that gave your Saturday to attend, teach, and be a part.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  I will follow this up with many more details and many more “thoughts” about the impact of the day once I have completely downloaded the “biggness” of it all;  But, I just wanted to start the week off right with a little gratitude.

Be Still and Know - painting by Susan McMurry

At some point during the day we all had the opportunity to “be still” and in that moment we all “knew” we part of a larger community of people who care and who can make a difference as a group.