Seva refers to volunteer work or selfless service in the yogic tradition.  But I think the word is even bigger than that definition makes it sound.  I found an explanation from Swami Niranjan where he explains the word seva as being, 

“made up of two words, ‘saha’ and ‘eva’. Saha means ‘with that’ and eva means ‘too’. The word seva means ‘together with’ and is describing those actions that seek collective upliftment through an understanding of the needs of others and are based on togetherness and integration. Seva is an expression of compassion, of the desire to uplift and assist people.”

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At Yoga Jam North, over 85 yogis came together to exercise seva.  Coming together as a community of yogis, we were able to donate $805 to the Junior Charity League of Concord. 

We also donated as a group…

7 sweatshirts

7 sweatpants
30 shirts

1 pair of jeans

30 pairs of socks

29 sets of underwear

1 coat

11 sticks of deodorant

26 tubes of toothpaste

34 cartons of floss

26 toothbrushes, and

6 bars of soap!!!

Items donated to JCL of Concord from Yoga Jammers

OM-MAZING!  To me this signifies something much bigger then some folks getting together to sweat, chant, breathe and flow.  It shows the innate goodness in all people.  It is an example of our connection to each other on a far bigger scale than what we talk about everyday.  The “energy” we all felt that day was the connection of people caring enough to extend themselves beyond comfortable limits to do 3 yoga classes in one day!  It was the connection of people caring enough to take time away from their families to be with friends, peers, and strangers for an entire Saturday.  It was the connection of people willing to give money and articles of clothing so that someone else could have that money instead.  And the energy is infectious.  Many of you probably told others of your experience, and they felt the connection and inspiration of seva.  The children that come the clothing room at the JCL of Concord this year will feel the effects of  your seva.  A dear friend of mine is Divine Shanti Yoga who donated a beautiful basket for our raffle this year.  She recently wrote in her blog,  

“Like all matter, our homes have the ability to absorb energies that inhabit there. These energies can remain within a structure for many years, which means that if there were past inhabitants, their energies still reside there as well.” 

The energy you felt was the good work that the women of the Junior Charity League have been doing for years, the gratitude of the children that come into the clothing room, and the energy that your fellow yogis brought with them.  You left your mark this past Saturday and that beautiful energy will remain in the walls for years to come.  THANK YOU!

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