I was struggling today with what to write about and then I thought of my running and yoga group last night, and I thought I about committment and  then I thought, “That’s it!  That’s what is screaming at me this week!!”.

Use this restorative pose to relieve aching legs and calm the mind

My running and yoga group exemplified committment last night in practice.  They meet at 7:45 and last night we did Running from the Core.  So, not only did they rock out a hill run in the heat, but then their yoga practice consisted of warming core work and twists in a yoga room that seemed to be heated a little more than usual last night.  Everyone was “wrung out” to say the least.  But, everyone stuck it out.  They stayed present and moved through the postures until the yummy end of legs up the wall.  In one word, they committed.

So, whether it is exercise or diets or just writing this blog 5 times a week (my new commitment to you and to myself), you just have to do it.  I guess it was back int he early 90s that Nike said “Just Do It”.  That slogan may be old, its words hold true.  Life isn’t going to slow down for us to try new things or start back to routines.  Life doesn’t stop so that we have time to get healthier.  And, life certainly isn’t going to hold our hand and motivate us through the world.  It is our decisions, actions, and commitment that help us navigate to success.

So, while I am still not starting the detox tonight, I did get this blog written.  Check.  I did practice yoga today for a full hour.  Check.  Maybe I can whip up the kitchari tonight be before bed and you guys can hear how it tastes in the morning 🙂

What are some of the things you have committed to and stuck with this year?  Are there things you have been putting off?  Let us hear about them!  Sometimes putting it out in the universe helps to get things started!