Hopefully, my entire blog will load this evening.  So sorry for the missing paragraph or two that mysteriously disappeared into cyberspace when it loaded.  I hope that with the “comment” I made at the end you were able to figure out my complete thought!

Today things seemed to never be complete.  I kept getting stopped in the middle of tasks and having to take two steps back for every step forward.  The morning started just as dis-jointed as always…load coffee maker, get a cup of milk for one little guy, pour water in coffee maker, load the high chair with a few more Cheerios, turn the coffee pot on, cook oatmeal, load the dishwasher, wipe the messy face in the high chair, remove oatmeal from the stove to give to the big boy, load the washing machine, get back packs ready…well, you know how that goes.   Later, I tried to go running with my littlest munchkin, only to be texted by my husband in the middle to ask if I left some formula on the counter that I would need.  Well, wouldn’t you know I would need that to feed John-John in about 30 minutes when he got a little hungry.  So, I cut the run short and headed home to grab the milk before I went to our next activity.  The day went much like that from there.  When I sat down to do the bills, an email came through that drew my attention to another matter to finish up, then the phone rang.  It was for my husband so I ran upstairs to get him.  I started to cook dinner and my oldest son needed to get dressed for soccer.  It just starts to make you feel almost like a failure.  “I cannot get anything done”.  But, finally, this evening, after I sent my oldest son and husband off to soccer, I took my youngest son out again in the stroller to finish our run.  I realized that, while my day may be choppy and unpredictable, I do get things done.  They may not be in the order and the time that I like, but they get done.  I started my run at 10 am, and I finished it at 6 pm; and, that is OK!

This is such a yoga lesson.  Sometimes in class you come into poses that you think you will master only to find that today is not your day.  Sometimes you expect to stay in pigeon a long time because that is what your hips are screaming for, but the teacher has only alloted a few seconds for this posture before moving to the next.  And, more often than not, if you are trying to quiet your mind, the only thing you can do is pull up your “to-do list”.  But, it is a practice and you have the next day to try those postures again, to quiet the mind finally.  You get the job done, when it is time to get the job done.

So, tomorrow, my day will be just as choppy, just as disjointed and just as unpredictable.  But, that’s ok; because, I am getting the job done.  I am a mom and a wife and a runner and a yogi and friend.  A life as abundant as that cannot help but to be interrupted once in a while.  I will try to be grateful for the interruptions tomorrow!  I propose to all the moms (and dads) out there that we quit beating ourselves up about what we haven’t completed, and totally embrace the craziness that is our lives.  Because truly – we all rock!