On Day 2 of my detox, I woke a little sluggish.  I believe detoxification actually started happening at this point.  I also took 2 Triphala pills the night before, instead of the 1 I took the first night of the cleanse.  This herb is a natural detoxifier that has probably led to a little of the fatigue this morning.  Throughout the day I had kitchari with coriander chutney (spices up the kitchari for a different taste).  I did supplement with a couple organic apples.  I had running and yoga class on night 2 of the detox.  I was feeling great, but could feel my body was a little depleted, so I did have some steamed vegetables and had a couple of whole grain crackers.  And oh how grateful I was for those veggies!!  It is amazing how much we take for granted the freshness and comfort of vegetables and fruits until we don’t have them.

On day 3 I could really feel the detox!!  My mind was fuzzy and was feeling almost flu-like.  I was able to make it through the rest of the day, but this was the end of my detox.  While I know sticking with it may have really helped me flush out all the toxins and waste and would have made me feel amazing in the end, I did not have the time to slow down and rest enough.  I would like to try this in a couple of years when my children are both in school all day.  The cleanse is definitely intended for someone who can take naps and/or rests during the day…at least in my opinion for my body.  So, I had to stop short so that I could fuel my body for the busy life of a family with 2 kids, 1 husband, 2 dogs, and 3 fish, while including running and yoga!

With that said, I highly recommend this type of detox.  I have done many different ones with different theories behind them.  I felt the affects the most out of this one.  Plus, I mostly felt full and satisfied most of the time.  I also like that it incorporates meditation, yoga and other practices.  This helped me connect that my diet affects my life and my life effects my diet.  The meditation and yoga practice that Yoga Journal offered suggested mindfulness, slowing down, stopping the automatic reaction and just listening to your breath, and noticing how your body feels.  It is nice to allow myself the time to slow down and notice.  Presence in my everyday choices is one thing I will definitely take away from the detox.  Not automatically reaching for a nibble of my kids crackers because I haven’t had time to fix myself lunch, and not munching on snacks in front of the TV – more intentional eating choices.  Not reacting to the busy schedule of our family by picking up fast food or throwing a pizza in the oven.  I will not sacrifice my children’s nutritional needs to get them to soccer or school on time.  I will make time to appreciate and have gratitude for food and how it nourishes us.

I guess what I am getting at is more presence.  MORE PRESENCE, MORE PRESENCE, MORE PRESENCE!  My yoga mantra everyday.  As lululemon says in their manifesto…”BREATHE DEEPLY & APPRECIATE THE MOMENT.  Living in the moment could be the meaning of life.”