So, this past week I did not write very much due to a full schedule that I was not used to.  I subbed a few classes for Susan McMurry of One Love Yoga that meet at Lotus Living Arts Center.  I am so grateful to have had this opportunity…great people, great class, great energy!  I also had the opportunity to be in a yoga video for Yoga Vibes with Kelley Gardener of The Bindu.  Also a fabulous opportunity to be in the presence of some great yogis and be exposed to this process.  I can’t wait to see myself on film…well maybe not :).  Included in the rest of my week was 2 hour advanced yoga class on Monday, deep stretch yoga on Wednesday, a long run on Thursday, and a walk with family and friends on Friday.

In addition to this full week, Tuesday I finished up my series on Yoga and Running at Gotta Yoga University.  These folks were amazing.  They dedicated 5 of their Tuesday nights to come sweat it out with us.  Some reaching out to try running for the first time and others trying to make a commitment to yoga to maintain the health of their bodies while running.  Either way we had a great time together, and it is so inspiring to see people step out of their box and try new things or push themselves to places they never thought they would be.   Many of these folks decided to participate in the Susan G. Komen Run for a Cure 5K with us on Saturday.  Somewhere close to 20,000 people came together to raise money for a CURE!  The energy was fabulous to say the least and many of us got a PR (including me…26:47…YAY!).  Some completed their first race.  So uplifting!

And, if the energy of my week wasn’t vibrant enough, I then took a Kundalini Inspired class with Dolly Staveros today.  Dolly is my teacher.  She has inspired me in so many ways and set me on my course to being the yoga teacher I am today.  I try to take a class with her whenever I can, which is harder now that she lives in Bend, Oregon!  But, the class was amazing.  Kundalini yoga is a type of yoga that tries to move energy through the chakras to release blockages and shadows that may be weighing the body and mind down.  In a typical class, you move and breath in rhythm, doing many of the same moves over and over to release these blockages and encourage the energy to rise.  There is also an element of devotion, lots of pranayama and meditation.  It was a heart pumping, sweat inducing, mood increasing, 80’s rockin’ time (she played 80’s music the whole time)! 

So this past week was a whirlwind of obligations, work, and jumping from activity to activity.  But, the various activities I had intertwined kept my energy and motivation moving towards a positive place.  I feel great this evening.  This is proof that dedication to a practice and to your health is important.  It is what keeps our energy levels up, our bodies healthy, and our minds clear and focused.  I am looking forward to the week ahead of a new running and yoga series, some deep stretch yoga classes, and some great runs with great friends.  Sometimes things are just simple…stay active, surround yourself with good people, be happy!