As I discussed yesterday, we need to be ready to change with the seasons of our life.  Sometimes to do that it takes a little “clearing out”.  Well, today I have done 2 of the things I discussed yesterday.  First, I meditated for 10 min this morning.  Honestly, I did not get out of bed to do it but I was awake, I was focused and I was quiet.  Correction – IT was quiet.  Before anyone got up or yelled “MAMA” from the crib in the other room; before a little squirmy 5-year-old crawled in my bed for a morning snuggle; I remained quiet with my own thoughts.  Really that time in the morning seems to clear the “gunk” out of my head before I get bombarded with more.  I know we all say we don’t have time to meditate.  But, when I get really honest with myself there are moments during my day like this that I have.  It may not be perfect on a zafu, with a timer and some calming ocean noises in the background; But, it is time nonetheless.  And, today it made for a very peaceful morning in my household.  Like they say, when momma’s happy, everybody is happy!

Secondly, I took my littlest one out for a jog this morning in the stroller after we dropped off his older brother.  This too is a way to really clear out left over “gunk”.  I sweat out toxins that may have been consumed through food, and I melt away toxins that have been absorbed through other negative highways…i.e. self doubt, criticism, judgements, etc.  It leaves me feeling refreshed and energized.  Today on my run I realized that I was running at a time I normally have to be at home for my youngest to nap.  This little thought led to a big “AHA” about some freedom that has recently come into my life.  Now that I am not tied to my home in the mornings, there will be more time for me to do things like run with my babe.  But, freedom comes with responsibility.  And I know myself.  If I don’t constructively use this time it will waste away on things like Facebook and web surfing.  I committed during my run that tonight or tomorrow I will sit down and write a plan for this new time.   I will only check email during certain times so that I am not constantly filling holes in the day with computer.  This really seems to waste time and clog time with my family.  I will also devote certain time to writing, blogging, and class development.  This way I do not neglect any relationship in my life.  I will make quality time with my family, while still devoting energy to my own work and creative development. 

During this season of change for me, I realize I am moving from the all-consuming baby land, to the land of the toddler mom.  Very exciting!  Hope that with this intentional thought on clearing out and starting fresh, there will be more positive developments and changes.

What “seasons of change” do you see in your life or in the world around us??  I am interested to hear!!