This past week was a BUSY one!  I subbed 3 yoga classes and taught 2 of my own.  I prepared for Halloween for my kids.  I had a playdate for my oldest son, and I did a mommy and me class with my youngest son.  We attended soccer games together, had family dinners, dropped off and picked up from school, cleaned house, did laundry, got some mileage in on the road running, and got in my own yoga practice each day with an additional 2 hour yoga class in studio.

I loved every minute of it.  Why does it seem when you are the busiest, you get the most done?  It is crazy to me that some weeks our schedule is very light and open, and it is those weeks that my house is the messiest and no one has anything to wear.  So, maybe it is focus; maybe it is drive; it doesn’t really matter.  It is life.  Sometimes we are busy.  Sometimes we are efficient.  Sometimes we just need to rest.  I don’t really feel the need to analyze it anymore.  Yoga can brought this attitude of noticing the circumstances (i.e. the sensations or the fluctuations of the mind) and realizing that they are what they are.  They are the sensations. They are the thoughts of the mind. They are the circumstances we find ourselves in right now.  But, they are NOT who I am.  I am that which feels the sensation.  I am the thinker of the thoughts.  I am doer of the tasks in my life.  I am.  This way all “the stuff” no longer defines you.  It is just the stuff.  It is what you have to do now, but the success, failure, or degree of completion becomes irrelevant to how positive you feel about yourself.

In yoga class this past week, I continued to teach rooting in practice to plant seeds for growth in the future.  I emphasized the thoughts of “hugging the line that holds”.  When we “root down” in principle and are grounded in reality, we are able to find that authentic core being inside and live a outwardedly shining life from that light. 

“I hug the line that holds me that otherwise breaks me into two.

I embrace the lighted core like the rind of orange holds together parting segments.

The juice of life’s inner love drips down and melts me into subtle awareness.”

Eliza Lynn Tobin

This week’s challenge pose:  After seated meditation and/or pranayama, do Standing Hand to Big Toe for 1 min on each side.  Feel the rooting from your legs and the hugging into your center line or core that allows the expansion in your body.  Have a lovely week!!  Namaste’