Happy Fall!  This is a picture of my kiddos when we visited the “pumpkin patch” in our new town.  While this church lawn scattered with pumpkins was very different from driving out to a farm and riding a wagon to pick our pumpkin as we have done in years past, it was still a fun family experience.  As we continue to settle into our new community and celebrate all our first holidays here, we are taking each day and each event as an exciting new experience and loving every minute.  Santosha at it’s best – contentment with what is now!

I have been here 5 months now, and we really feel settled in our home and our neighborhood.  I just recently started teaching yoga here.  It has only been a couple weeks.  Things are going well, but for things like yoga when you leave a location you leave your current students.  It is not only sad to leave those connections and those friends, but it is hard to find a new community when you arrive in the new location.  I am definately enjoying those I am meeting and having fun teaching to new folks that have different experiences, needs and desires from their yoga practice.  But, I am also trying to connect back to my beginner’s teachers mind about how to reach those new to yoga in our area or my studio.  I am trying to get folks excited about their practice and about the community that yoga brings to a location.

I have question to you folks who have been my student for a long time or for those yogis for a while regardless of who your teacher is/was…what was it that made you come back to yoga time and time again?  What drew you to yoga in the first place?  What if your favorite thing about yoga?  How do you really fit it into your life?

So, asking for feedback this time.  Give me some fresh ideas that will inspire me to inspire others in my community.  Thank you so much for you time and your thoughts.

FYI, getting geared up to blog more.  Changing things a little though.  I am going to try posting more info and articles on yoga as well as fitness, training tips, and sample practices.  In addition, I will get a regular Jessica orginal article on yoga philosophy and how it relates to life.  I look forward to “seeing”you all online more.