So, like most people this time of year, my family is feeling under the weather.  One week the oldest has a headache, then the youngest has a runny nose, and before you know it my husband and I are coughing, achy and fatigued.  I guess it is the curse of having little ones running around your house.  The blessings of children more than make up for the aches and pains though!

So, while it is perfectly okay and sometimes completely necessary to run to the doctor for an antibiotic or to grab a dose of NyQuil to catch some sleep, here are some tips and “yoga tricks” to try this season if you are feeling not so great.

Headache and sinus congestion

Take an ace bandage and wrap it tightly around your forehead.  You can even wrap it so it covers your eyes if you have a really severe headache.  Then lie down with a few pillows or a bolster supporting your body at an angle.  Place the bottoms of your feet together for Supta Baddha Konasana.  Have a rest for 5 min – 15 minutes.

Nasal Congestion

Try alternate nostril breathing or  Anuloma Viloma.  This breath will not only help to clear the nasal passages, it will restore balance to the flow of prana or life energy in the body.

Fatigue from Illness

When all is said and done, you have kicked the bug that was weighing you down, but you still feel fatigued??  Try one of two things.

1.  Get a few minutes of complete, deliberate rest during the middle of your day.  Sit for meditation, do a few restorative yoga poses, or focus on your yogic breath for 5-10 min.  The meditation can be as simple as watching your thoughts and practicing letting go of each thought that enters your mind for a few minutes, and restorative yoga poses done for 3 -5 minutes can calm and heal.  A few moments of deliberate rest throughout your day will recharge your system.

2.  Do a few rounds of Sun Salutations to get you going.  This sequence of poses will invigorate your body and wake up that groggy mind.

Listen to your body and whatever technique best suits your recovery try it a few times until you feel better.

Here’s to health and happiness through the rest of the year!

Namaste’ Ya’ll!