Yoga is a great counterbalance for all sports, in that it opens tight areas in the body.  Practiced mindfully, yoga can help you avoid injury by fostering a greater awareness of your limits, as well as increase flexibility and range of motion within the parameters of your sport.    Everyone is welcome, regardless of sport, level of fitness, or yoga experience.

Yoga for Athletes is not super-athletic yoga; instead, it will complement the work you do in training.  The class begins with heat-generating flows incorporating standing and balance poses to warm up the body.  Then core postures will help to stabilize the spine and hips for alignment and strength.  Finally, floor work incorporating hips, hamstrings, quads, shoulders and more will elongate and stretch muscles.  All along the way, breath will be the focus to increase concentration.  Yoga for Athletes is for any active person who wants to alleviate tension, balance out tight muscles from overuse, gain core strength, and promote body awareness.


Long, Slow, Deep Yoga is designed to help students move into tight areas of their body deeply and safely with a combination of slow movement and deep stretching poses. The class will begin with a sequence of slow flowing postures to warm the body and melt the stress of the day away.  Following the flowing sequence there will be adequate time for long holds of postures allowing the student to go deep in to the muscular fibers of the body.  This combination of movement and deep stretch is intended to alleviate tension, decrease pain, and prevent injury.  The long, slow, deep class gives the student time to explore deeper into his or her practice, while relaxing and restoring the body and mind.

The class is for all levels.  It is great for the athlete looking for a post-workout stretch or the yoga practitioner looking to balance out a more vigorous vinyasa practice with some a little more chill.

Vinyasa Yoga

Power vinyasa classes are vigorous, yet accessible to any level of student. They utilize fluid transitions from pose to pose, seamlessly linking body, breath, and movement.  By flowing through a series of postures, the body becomes heated and burns away impurities in the body and mind.  Long holds, balancing postures, and core work build strength and take your body and mind to your own personal edge.  Floor postures will not only increase flexibility, but the deep stretches will melt away tension and tight muscles.  Final relaxation will come more easily after you have gotten out of your head and into your body in your power vinyasa practice.

Fall Yoga Series

This four week session will deeply explore hip opening leading up to peak postures such as splits and sundial.  By becoming fully rooted and grounded through our hips, we will open the space for a supported, strong core that will balance the body and open the heart.  This four week session will challenge your limits, honor your body, and nurture your spirit.

These classes will follow a similar structure each week allowing you to build tapas or discipline in your own yoga practice.  Classes will build upon one another and are intended to be taken in sequence, but it is available to drop-in on sessions.


Do you ever feel sluggish or have chronic pain in the body?  Do you trouble over-eating or under-eating? Do you ever feel scattered or lack self-esteem?  Are you shy or do you talk excessively?  Are you overly critical of yourself or others?  Have you been in a traumatic incident or maybe life has just been hectic lately?

These are just a few of the reason that a chakra balancing class is for you.  The chakra system organizes our emotions and stores our life experiences.  When one or more chakra is experiencing blockages, it can throw your physical, emotional and mental functioning into a tailspin.

With a mindful and intentional flow, we will tap into the power of each of the seven chakras, opening areas in the body that are ready and willing to release, and balancing the body and mind from head to toe.  This workshop will include a dynamic flow, guided meditations, pranayama, and chanting to support each chakra system.  A short introduction to chakras will begin the workshop and at the end there will be time for Q&A.


Get back to nature…your own true nature. 

By flowing through yoga postures that mimic the elements of nature, we will tap into hidden places in our chakra systems and our bodies.  Each class will give new insight to a part of you – awakening your body and mind.  By bringing it back to the elements, this physically and mentally charged weekend intends to bring personal growth and understanding to its participants.

Flame the Fire

The fire element governs the 3rd Chakra – Manipura – or the Solar Plexus.  The fire of manipura ignites the light of consciousness where we direct our purpose in life.  We will BURN away sluggishness, fearfulness, and weakness to INGNITE a playful and balanced ego that spreads passion and purpose in our lives.  In this class, pranayama, bandha locks, twists, and folds will create an internal fire that aids the external heat of the room to bring on the fire!!

Open to all levels; Discouraged for individuals with high blood pressure or hypertension; Encouraged to drink plenty of water before practice

Required: water, towel, and a smile J

Weave through the Water

Water nourishes all beings and molds our world.  Water brings life to dying plants.  Water composes over 80% of our bodies.  Water can even sculpt and wear away stones after a certain amount of time.  By invoking the aspects of water, we will wear away at our unhealthy attachments and nourish our bodies with acceptance and love.  At the core of the sacral chakra, water brings power and creativity. This class will link movement to breath for a constant and creative flow mimicking the continuous movement of water. Come weave through the water to bring out your beautiful self-expression.

Breath in the Open Air

Our breath is composed of air.  Our breath is the reason for our life.  Through extensive pranayama and meditation we will stimulate the air element in our bodies.  With this boosted PRANA, we will move through beautiful heart openers that stimulate the heart charka.  This class is intended to bring balance, compassion, patience, and healing.

Back on Solid Ground

The earth element brings us back to the beginning.  The connection to mother earth is our connection to our own roots and foundation.  The earth element governs the root chakra giving us stability, trust, and physical health when in balance.  When out of balance the root chakra can leave us with a host of physical complaints and mental conflicts.  Through balancing postures, restorative poses, and meditation, this class will ground our bodies, find a connection with the earth, and bring balance.


The Art of Assists and Adjustments

In a touch starved and emotionally disconnected world, the art of assisting and adjusting is the greatest gift we can give as a yoga instructor.  Touch can convey our emotions and communicate to our students what our words cannot.  When you learn to use manual assists and adjustments in class, your student’s experience is broadened.  They can actualize and feel the full expression of postures under the trusted and compassionate hand of their instructor.

In this afternoon workshop, you will learn how to use manual assists to enhance the student experience and connection to the asana.  We will discuss why and when to assist.  You will learn how to assist effectively in a non-invasive manner that is safe and appropriate.  You will learn just what the power of intentional touch will do for your yoga practice and your teaching.
Required reading:  Various articles and handouts (can be emailed to you after registering)
1 hour of assisting outside of workshop
10  CEUs issued

Yoga and Running Groups

This class will consist of about 20 minutes of running and 40 minutes of sports specific yoga.  The class is for beginning and advanced runners and yogis as it will be focused on technique and exercises to enhance both running and yoga.  Expect to learn new ideas about running based on a popular method called Chi Running; and, learn stretches for the feet, hamstrings, calves, quads, psoas, and back, as well as core conditioning exercises.  This class is designed to enhance your running practice, extend the life of your sport, decrease injury and pain related to running, and boost your mental clarity.

Find Your Power, Find Your Core – An Intro to the Bandhas

What are the bandhas? Where is my ‘mula bandha’?  Could I have lost my ‘uddiana’?

These questions and all others you ask yourself during yoga class will be addressed.  We will tap into the hidden power that lies in your core, harness this energy and use it for a healthier back, stronger more supported arm balances, and possibly find that when your core is fully engaged you can turn upside down!

Have fun with this lecture and practice based workshop.

Vinyasa Yoga Immersion I

This immersion is for individuals looking to deepen their understanding of flow yoga and the principles surrounding it.  From people looking to deepen their practice to teachers looking for a greater understanding of vinyasa yoga, this training will break down the practice and dig deep into the techniques.  The four days will include lots of practice, an introduction to the history of vinyasa yoga, basic anatomy, an introduction to the chakra system, and the business of yoga.  The majority of the training will involve sequencing, the practice of presence, and hands on experience with vinyasa yoga.
30 hours CEUs (outside work will be required)
$250 for pre-registration/$300